ARCHITECTURAL FORUM July 1939. The Modern House in America Special Issue: Keck, Harris, Fordyce & Hamby & Nelson, Gropius & Breuer, Lescaze, Deknatel, etc.

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The Modern House in America: July 1939

George Nelson [Associate Editor]

George Nelson [Associate Editor]: THE ARCHITECTURAL FORUM. Philadelphia: Time, Inc. [Volume 71, number 1,  July 1939].  Quarto. Wire spiral binding. Thick printed wrappers. 154 pp. Illustrated articles and advertisments. The spiral binding is in unusually good condition and does not bind any pages when opened. Interior unmarked and very clean. Grubby covers, thus a very good copy.

8.75 x 11.75 spiral-bound magazine with 154 pages of editorial content showcasing the Architectural and Industrial Design of the American Streamline Moderne Machine Age aesthetic. There are also an excellent assortment of vintage trade advertisements that espouse the depression moderne streamline aesthetic quite nicely. You have been warned.

  • MODERN HOUSES IN AMERICA - Three Houses in Miquen, PA., Kenneth Day, Architect; House for Harold V. Manor, Soule Tract, CA., Clarence W. W. Mayhew, Architect; House for B. J. Cahn, Lake Forest, IL., George Fred Keck, Architect; House for George C. Bauer, Glendale, CA., Harwell Hamilton Harris, Designer; House in Scarsdale, NY., Fordyce & Hamby and George Nelson, Architects; House in Brooklyn, Mass., G. Holmes Perkins, Architect; House in Lincoln, Mass., Walter Gropius and Marcel Breuer, Architects; House in Princeton, NJ., Kenneth Kassler, Architect; House for Alfred L. Loomis, Tuxedo Park, NY., William Lescaze, Architect; House in Lake Bluff, IN., Philip B. Maher, Architect; House in Greenburgh, NY., Paul Doering, Designer; House for Walter J. Kohler, Jr., Kohler, Wis., William F. Deknatel, Architect; House for William R. Stoll, Hayward, CA., George Patton Simonds, Architect; House for Alfred J. Bromfield, Jr., Denver, CO., Burnham Hoyt, Architect; House for Dr. Charles MacCullum, Midland, Mich., Alden B. Dow, Architect. Lots of interior and exterior photographs of these houses.
  • BUILDING MONEY - The Town of Tomorrow at New York World's Fair ... The Forum conducts a poll of visitors, finds 41 percent favor the Town's six modern houses ... a house-by-house presentation of the modern sextet and its nine traditional neighbors - a supplement to The Forum's June, 1939 issue.
  • FORUM OF EVENTS - Museum of Modern Art .... Lord & Taylor's awards in American industrial designing ... The Smithsonian Gallery of Art Competition: Eliel and Eero Saarinen, Percival Goodman, Paul Cret, Philip Goodwin, Albert Frey, Eliot Noyes, G. Holmes Perkins, Hugh Stubbins, Edward Durell Stone, etc.
  • PRODUCTS & PRACTICE - Roof Terraces

Features the first in-depth photo essay of the Walter Gropius House in Lincoln, MA. After visiting the Gropius House in 1939, Lewis Mumford inscribed the guestbook: “Hail to the most indigenous, the most regional example of the New England home, the New England of a New World!” The houses in Lincoln built by Harvard professors Marcel Breuer, Walter Bognar and James Ford were publicized by modernist cheerleader and all-around bon vivant George Nelson in 1952 as “part of one of the most interesting collections of modern houses in the country.” These Lincoln houses served as ground zero for inspiring multiple generations of architects to expand the precepts of the International Style, adapting them to the postwar American building boom.

Also features a fantastic two-page teaser for the August Forum featuring an architectural overview of the Tennessee Valley Authority beautifully designed by Will Burtin. “Depending on where you sit, TVA stands a a fiendish invasion of private rights or a glorious demonstration of enlightened government . . . “