ARCHITECTURAL FORUM November 1936. Small House Preview: R. M. Schindler, Howard Fisher, William Lescaze, etc.

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George Nelson [Associate Editor]

George Nelson [Associate Editor]: THE ARCHITECTURAL FORUM. Jersey City: Time, Inc, November 1936 [Volume 65, No. 5]. Original edition. A very good vintage magazine with wire spiral binding and minor shelf wear including lightly dusty covers. The spiral binding is in unusually good condition and does not bind any pages when opened. A very nice copy thus. Interior unmarked and clean. Out of print.

8.75 x 11.75 spiral-bound magazine with 172 pages of editorial content showcasing the Architectural and Industrial Design of the American Streamline Moderne Machine Age aesthetic. There are also an excellent assortment of vintage trade advertisements that espouse the depression moderne streamline aesthetic quite nicely. You have been warned.

  • 1937 Small House Preview Special Issue: 58 pages profusely illustrated in black and white with photographs, floorplans and construction details for 50 low-cost houses (defined here within the spectrum of $1,000 to $10,000), in the United States before the start of World War II. A desirable title that pinpoints the move away from the streamline and moderne styles of the thirties through the International Style onward into the future.
  • SMALL HOUSE PORTFOLIO: Includes residences by R. M. Schindler, John Cahill, Peter Damskov, The Hughes Brothers, Leon Schroeder, Eldred Mowery, Randolph Evans, J. Heyward Earhart, Wischmeyer & Arrasmith, John Flad, A. K. Waterval, Voelcker & Dixon, Inc., Rogers & Frantz, Harold O'shea, Homes, Inc., Howard Fisher, Insulated Steel Construction Co., Theodore Whitehead Davis, Willaim Pareis, Alfred Grant, Frank Creighton, V. M. Reynal, Emil Szendy, Edwards & Hoffman, Flanigen & Flanigen, Inc., Earl Davis, R. C. Hunter, Lucht & Anderson, Ed. Musson Sharpe, William Lescaze, Frantz & Spence, M. R. Johnke, Goodwin & Tatum, Homes, Inc., L. O. Geoffrion, Stevenson & Studds, Alton Craft, Walker & Gillette, Adams & Adams [San Antonio, TX!], Benjamin Driesler, Jr., Randolph Evans, Julian Farnam, Grassold & Johnson, J. Ivan Dise, Willis N. Mills, and J. Linerd Coarroe.
  • FORUM OF EVENTS: building the world of tomorrow, the 1939 NYC Worlds Fair
  • BOOKS:

This edition spotlights some of the more buget-conscious, lesser-known structures of the period, thus supplying a more unique perspective than similar volumes that tend to showcase the iconic residences. No Kaufmann Houses here -- just thoughtfully planned and brilliantly executed budget housing.

"The 1937 Small House Preview  has been assembled over a period of many months by the editors of The Architectural Forum. The greater part of it is given over to hundreds of photographs, plans, specifications and complete construction details for 50 carefully selected small houses -- houses ranging in price from $1,000 to $10,000."