ARCHITECTURAL FORUM January 1940. Residences by John Lloyd Wright and J. R. Davidson, USHA Santa Rita Housing Project, Austin, TX.

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January 1940

George Nelson [Associate Editor]

George Nelson [Associate editor]: THE ARCHITECTURAL FORUM. Philadelphia: Time, Inc. [Volume 71, number 1,  January 1940]. Slim Quarto. Thick wrappers. Wire spiral binding. 68 [lxiv] pp. Illustrated articles and advertisements. Wrappers edgeworn with loser corner somewhat abraided, with a couple of random ink marks. Former owner inkstamp to contents page. The spiral binding is in good condition and does not bind any pages when opened. A very good copy.

8.75 x 11.75 spiral-bound magazine with 68 pages of editorial content showcasing the Architectural and Industrial Design of the American Streamline Moderne Machine Age aesthetic. There are also 64 pages of period advertising that espouse the depression moderne streamline aesthetic quite nicely. You have been warned.

A magnificent snapshot of the blossoming of the modern movement in North America in the final days before the start of World War II.


  • PUBLIC HOUSING AND THE USHA: The Forum answers the first thirteen questions about Building's most controversial subject.
  • HOUSES: Additional case histories in the small house series, Interior-exterior photography;  floor plans;  critical comment; cost data; construction outlines. "SHANGRI-LA", House for Frances Gordon Welsh, Long Beach, Indiana, John Lloyd Wright & Frances Gordon Welsh, Architects; House for Mrs. James B. Ayer, Long Beach, Wareham, Mass., Coolidge, Shepley, Bulfinch & Abbott, Architects; House for Henry R.Shepley, Long Beach, Wareham, Mass., Coolidge, Shepley, Bulfinch & Abbott, Architects; House for V.H. Moon, Highland Park, IL., Bertram A. Weber, Architect; House for Herbert Stothart, Santa Monica, CA., J. R. Davidson, Designer; House for Edward Dane, Rowley, Mass., George W.W. Brewster, Jr., Architect; House for Weston Holt Blake, Architect, Wilmington, Delaware.
  • BUILDING NO. 11, ROCKEFELLER CENTER: A combined office building and garage for midtown New York. Designed by Reinhard & Hofmeister, Wallace K. Harrison, J. Andre' Fouilhoux, Architects.
  • HOUSING PROJECTS: Representative examples of USHA's accomplishments to date; Queensbridge; Brentwood Park; Santa Rita; Willert Park. Queensbridge, NY., William F.R. Ballard, Henry S. Churchill, Frederick G. Frost, Burnett C. Turner, Architects; Brentwood Park, Jacksonville, FL., Mellen C. Greeley, Ivan H. Smith, W. Kenyon Drake, O.E. Segerberg, S.Ralph Fetner, LeRoy Sheftall, J.H. Bryson, Architects; Santa Rita, Austin, Texas, H.F. Kuehne, B.E. Gieseke, and A.W. Harris, Architects; Willert Park, Buffalo, NY., Frederick C. Backus, Architect.
  • NATIONAL CASH REGISTER CO. SHOW ROOM AND OFFICES:  An unusual approach to the modern commercial interior. Designed by Reinhard & Hofmeister, Architects.
  • THE ARCHITECT'S WORLD: Controversy; Criticism; Philosophy; War literature;  and building contracts.
  • THE DIARY: A roving editor writes of events, personalities, copetition technique and other architectural miscellany.
  • BUILDING MONEY: Building forecast for 1940;  A planned community appraised - Greenbelt's income and expenses; Decentralization in Detroit causes real estate decline;  Four tyro builders produce $2,995 prefabricated houses.
  • FORUM OF EVENTS: War comes to the architectural journals; Bomb objectives in Finland;  Awards; Competitions; Deaths; personal;  USHA.
  • BOOKS: colonial Philadelphia; Housing Law Abroad; Historic American Houses.