BAUHAUS. Jeannine Fiedler [Editor]: PHOTOGRAPHY AT THE BAUHAUS. Cambridge: The MIT Press, 1990.

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Jeannine Fiedler [Editor]


Jeannine Fiedler [Editor]: PHOTOGRAPHY AT THE BAUHAUS. Cambridge: The MIT Press, 1990. First MIT Press Edition. Quarto. Gray paper covered boards stamped in black. Photographically printed dust jacket. 362 pp. 435 duotone photo reproductions and 18 color plates. Boards lightly worn with a slight bump to lower corner. Dust jacket lightly nicked. Interior unmarked and very clean. Out-of-print. A nearly fine copy.

Formerly the painter impressed his vision on his age; today it is the photographer. — Laszlo Moholy-Nagy

9.75 x 11.75 hardcover book with 362 pages and 435 duotone photo reproductions and 18 color plates from the Bauhaus-Archiv. Biographical information on all included individuals. Text by Jeannine Fiedler, Andreas Haus, Rolf Sachsse, Herbert Molderings, Ann Wilde, Udo Hartmann, Ute Br¸ning, Gisela Barche and Louis Kaplan. Includes an illustrated index of works [by Sabine Hartmann], biographies of the artists [by Sabine Hartmann and Karsten Hintz], a bibliography [by Elke Eckert] and an index. Designed by Nicolaus Ott + Bernard Stein, Berlin. Published on the occasion of the 1990 exhibition of works from the Bauhaus-Archiv.

The photographers include Lucia Moholy, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, Umbo, T. Lux Feininger, MoÔ Ver, Florence Henri, Walter Peterhans, Fritz Kuhr, Werner Siedhoff, Heinz Loew, Herbert Bayer, Hannes Meyer, Joost Schmidt and many others.

In the photographic camera we have the most reliable aid to the beginning of objective vision . . . — Lazslo Moholy-Nagy

From the publisher: "The aesthetic appreciation of twentieth-century photography has grown rapidly over the last 20 years. In particular, photography at the Bauhaus--the most influential experimental school of art and design of this century-- has gained the widespread interest of museums, galleries, and private collectors."

"Photography at the Bauhaus will become the definitive resource and standard reference book on its subject."

These five hundred photographs are a unique and exuberant record of Bauhaus activities and experiments during the 1920s and early 1930s. Significantly, most of the photographs were taken by artists-painters like Fritz Kuhr and Werner Siedhoff, designers Heinz Loew and Herbert Bayer, Bauhaus masters Hannes Meyer and Joost Schmidt - who were not self-conscious photographers but who wanted to work with a new technological product.

The results constitute the largest and most comprehensive photographic archive currently available on the Bauhaus, supplementing visual material already published in Hans Wingler's monumental Bauhaus and presenting the school's more human side. Some of these photographs have never been published, while others have not been published since the period in which they were made.