EX LIBRIS 6: CONSTRUCTIVISM & FUTURISM: RUSSIAN & OTHER. New York: Arthur & Elaine Lustig Cohen/ Ex Libris, 1977. Catalog of 792 items for sale.

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Arthur A. and Elaine Lustig Cohen

Arthur and Elaine Lustig Cohen: EX LIBRIS 6:  CONSTRUCTIVISM & FUTURISM: RUSSIAN & OTHER. New York: Ex Libris, 1977. First edition. A good perfect bound catalog in thick printed wrappers: covers well-thumbed, scuffed and worn. One of the most desirable Ex Libris catalogs. Catalog design and typography by Elaine Lustig Cohen.

9 x 12 well-illustrated catalog of 792 items for sale, including an index and bibliography. A very useful reference volume and sought-after artifact from Cohen and Elaine Lustig Cohen's legendary bookstore Ex-Libris. Contents:

  • Russian Avant-Garde Art & Literature
  • Russian Avant-Garde: Original Works (1910 - 1934)
  • The Russian Avant-Garde in the West: Original Books and Periodicals
  • Russian Avant-Garde: Documents, Literature, Exhibition and Oeuvres Catalogues, Writings by and about the Artists
  • Russian Posters: 1910 - 1943
  • Russian Avant-Gade: Late Additions
  • Eastern European [and German] Avant-Garde: Original Books, Periodicals, Graphics, Photographs
  • the Bauhaus and Its Legacy
  • De Stijl and the Dutch Avant-Garde
  • Italian Futurism: 1909 and After
  • Futurist Manifestoes
  • Marinetti: Original Books, Pamphlets, Periodicals
  • The Futurist Circle: Original Books and Periodicals
  • Documentary Literature: Oeuvre and Exhibition Catalogs, Writings by and about Artists
  • Index
  • Bibliography

Ex-Libris catalogs have proven themselves to be a consistently invaluable reference for folks interested in 20th-Century Modernism and the related art movements of the Bauhaus, Futurism, Dada & Surrealism, Avant-Garde, Graphic Design, Architecture, Theater, Poster Design, Expressionism, Modern American and European Art Movements, and any other ISM that might tickle your fancy. But if you've read this far, you already knew that, didn't you?

Catalog number six was their piece de resistance - with four hundred and thirty-four fully described and indexed books, periodicals, pamphlets, and posters of the Russian Avant-Garde by the likes of Natan Altman, Yurii Annenkov, David Burliuk, Vladimir Burliuk, Marc Chagall, Vasilii Ermilov, Alexandra Exter, Pavel Filonov, Naum Gabo, Natalia Goncharova, Vasilii Kamensky, Vasilii Kandinsky, Ivan Kliun, Gustav Klucis, Petr Konchalovsky, Mikhail Larionov, V. Lebedev, El Lissitzky, Kazimir Malevich, Mikail Matiushin, Petr Miturich, Liubov Popova, Ivan Puni, Alexander Rodchenko, Olga Rozanova, Georgii Stenberg, Vladimir Stenberg, Vavara Stepanova, Vladimir Tatlin, Alexandr Vesnin, and many, many others. It contains over five hundred additional items related to F.T. Marinetti and Italian Futurism, De Stijl, The Bauhaus and its Legacy, and Eastern European & German books, periodicals, graphics and photographs. And while at the time of its 1977 publication the prices here seemed astronomical, thirty years later they are finally downright bargains.

Ex Libris Rare Books was founded in 1973 by Elaine Lustig Cohen (1927-2016) and her husband Arthur A. Cohen (1928-1986). She was a graphic designer of no small renown, and he was a theologian, novelist, art and literary critic, who wrote extensively on Modern Art. The couple dealt in important and rare printed material and graphic documentation of International 20th-Century art. Much of their early inventory is now in Museums and international private collections. Many  items that in these illustrated catalogues are impossible to find today, making these catalogues invaluable to collectors, dealers and scholars alike. They remain exceptional research tools overflowing with important objects and information,  include scholarly listings, descriptions, photographs and (1980's) prices of all kinds of early 20th-Century ephemera including posters, letterheads, magazines, reviews, brochures, books, stationery, correspondence, posters, advertisements and much more. You have been warned.