2 DIMENSIONI no. 23: LELO CREMONESI. Milan: Grafiche A. Nava spa, February 1981. Felice Nava [Editor], Lelo Cremonesi [Designer].

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Felice Nava [Editor], Fulvio Ronchi [Designer]

Felice Nava [Editor}, Lelo Cremonesi [Designer]: 2DIMENSIONI no. 23: LELO CREMONESI. Milan: Grafiche A. Nava spa, February 1981. Text in Italian. Printed stapled  thick wrappers. 20 pp. Elaborate black and white graphic design throughout by Lelo Cremonesi. Wrappers lightly worn, but a very good copy.

8.25 x 11.75 softcover Italian Graphic Design Journal subtitled “rassegna di grafica pubblicitaria diretta alle industrie e alle aziende commerciali [survey of advertising design industries and commercial companies]” published by the Milan printing house Grafiche A. Nava spa.

Each issue of 2DIMENSIONI was devoted to a single designer and essentially functioned as a monograph for a variety of Italian Artists, Designers and Photographers between 1968 and 1985.

Artist profiled in this journal included Salvatore Gregorietti, Renato Romiti, Gisela Tobler, Silvio Coppola, Max Huber, Giancarlo Iliprandi, Pino Tovaglia, Vito Cima, Walter Del Frate, Giovanna Graf, Giorgio Marcandalli, Valeriano Piozzi, Unimark International, Domenico Chiaudrero, Giuseppe Colombo, Piero Ottinetti, Silvio Russo, Giulio Confalonieri, G & R Associati, Armando Milani, Heinz Waibi, Giulio Cittato, Go Creative Group, Tomás Gonda, Walter Ballmer, Mario Cresci, Antonio Tabet,  Carlo Cattaneo, Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, Roberto Guissani, Gavino Sanna, Lelo Cremonesi, Raffaello Fiorentin, Ettore Mariani, Sergio Privitera and Fulvio Ronchi.

Nava Design was founded in 1970, at the time Nava decided working with leading international designers. The success of these partnerships has allowed Nava to create a very strong link between design and its products. The study and the development of the products find the right balance between functionality and aesthetic sensitivity, which is the base for Nava philosophy. Refined materials, quality and innovation characterize all products, translating a design that goes beyond vain fashion. Through the years some products have become icons in the graphic worldwide, and are still today available in a Museums and Design Foundations in the world. Currently the world’s Nava is declined in three catalogues, Bags and Accessories, Stationery, Design watches that communicate through a single language “The Design.” [from the Nava website]