Lupi, Italo: NAPOLI [Poster]. Lissone, Italy: Arti Grafiche Meroni, [1985].

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Italo Lupi [Designer]

Italo Lupi [Design]: NAPOLI. Lissone, Italy: Arti Grafiche Meroni , [1985]. Original impression. 26.75 x 37.5 - inch [67.945 x 95.25 cm] trim size image printed via offset lithography on a semi-gloss sheet. A fine, fresh example.

26.75 x 37.5 - inch [67.945 x 95.25 cm] poster designed by Italo Lupi “A poster commissioned by Napoli ’99 Foundation as a contribution towards the cultural image of the city.”

The Naples NinetyNine Foundation sponsored a series of 25 posters from 1984 – 1986 with the primary objective of contributing to the knowledge, promotion and enhancement of cultural heritage of Naples and Southern Italy.

The 25 participating designers were Walter Allner, Stuart B. Ash, Saul Bass, Bruce Blackburn, Pierluigi Cerri, Ivan Chermayeff, Giulio Confalonieri, Heinz Edelmann, Gene Federico, Alan Fletcher, Jean-Michel Folon, André François, Milton Glaser, Tomás Gonda, F H K Henrion, David Hillman, Takenobu Igarashi, Mervyn Kurlansky, Italo Lupi, John Mcconnell, Armando Milani, Art Paul, Tullio Pericoli, Arnold Schwartzman, and Massimo Vignelli.

Their interpretations of the city cover a wide range of themes: architecture, poetry, music, the earthquake, pollution, Vesuvius. The 25 posters have been exhibited in Naples, Rome, Los Angeles, Dundee, and Lahti. The project won the award for the best social graphics at the 1987 Lahden Biennal Exhibition. Collect them all!

From the website for Print Magazine [“Italo Lupi Sees All, Does All, Shows All” by Steven Heller (January 7, 2014)]: "Italo Lupi and Italian Graphic Design are synonymous. Born in Cagliari in 1934, he lived in various places in Italy before residing in Milan, where he graduated from the faculty of architecture at the Polytechnic University. His design career began in concert with Mario Bellini and Roberto Jewelers as three co-art directors for the Office of Development La Rinascente, the department store. Lupi’s skills included signage and exhibition design in the early ’60s. This was followed by an “intense collaboration” with Domus where he was design director. At Abitare he was director of graphics and later and then editorial director.

Among his other concurrent feats, he designed the image of the Milan Triennale and communications for IBM/Italy. Lupi has designed graphics and signage for large exhibitions at Palazzo Grassi in Venice, the Papal Stables at the Quirinale in Rome, the National Gallery of Parma. His most recent book, Autobiografica Grafica (Edizioni Corraini), is a memoir of design (an autobiographica), aesthetics and art — of the half century he has helped guide and influence Italian practice."