Sell Us Your Books

I am always interested in purchasing design books and periodicals — from a drawer full of vintage type specimens to full libraries — even that stack of magazines in your Uncle’s attic.

My wife will attest to the fact that I don’t know the meaning of the word enough.

We pay fair, immediate cash for single ephemeral items or whole collections and will travel anywhere for substantial holdings.

Since we rely on referrals, treating buyers and sellers fairly is the core of our business. Finders fees paid for successful leads.

Please note that we do not offer appraisals. An offer to purchase a book at a certain price is not an appraisal or estimate of its retail value.


If you would like to sell your books, we ask that you supply certain basic information to help me determine whether your items are of sufficient interest:

    • In a digital age, pictures are truly worth a thousand words. Photographs are extremely useful in helping to establish the scope and condition of collections.

This is also necessary information:

  • Title page information: including author, title, date, publisher and city of publication.
  • Condition description: Please note any major flaws or defects to the binding or text.
  • Is there anything special or unusual about a book? Is it signed
    or inscribed by the author? Does it have an interesting history
    or provenance?
  • If sets are involved, how many volumes are present? Are any volumes missing?

Please understand that we do not purchase many books offered because they are not representative of our inventory needs.

Finally and most importantly, we cannot make a purchase offer until we have actually examined the offered item.

We welcome and await all inquiries.

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