ARCHITECTURAL FORUM December 1939. Houses by Walter Gropius & Marcel Breuer and DeWitt and Washburn for Stanley Marcus; Shops by Alexander H. Girard, George Nelson, Gilbert Rohde, Raymond Loewy, and

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December 1939

George Nelson [Associate Editor]

George Nelson [Associate editor]: THE ARCHITECTURAL FORUM. Philadelphia: Time, Inc. [Volume 71, number 6,  December 1939].  Slim Quarto. Thick wrappers. Wire spiral binding. 72 [lxviii] pp. Illustrated articles and advertisements. Wrappers edgeworn with lower corner somewhat abraided. Former owner inkstamp to contents page. The spiral binding is in good condition and does not bind any pages when opened. A very good copy.

8.75 x 11.75 spiral-bound magazine with 72 pages of editorial content showcasing the Architectural and Industrial Design of the American Streamline Moderne Machine Age aesthetic. There are also 68 pages of period advertising that espouse the depression moderne streamline aesthetic quite nicely. You have been warned.

A magnificent snapshot of the blossoming of the modern movement in North America in the final days before the start of World War II.


  • PARKCHESTER - Given $50 million and a seven-man board of design, private enterprise builds a city in the Bronx - statistically and significantly big, Irwin Clavan, Architect, Richmond H.Shreve, Architect, Chairman.
  • SHOPS AND STORES - New trends in Merchandising design, in a portfolio of distinguished modern retail outlets. STORES - Lederer de Paris, Ciro of Bond Street, Inc., Ed Steckler, Inc., Mosse Linen & Le Bas-Lillian, New York City, Morris Ketchum, Jr., Architect; Junior League, Grosse Pointe, Mich., Alexander H. Girard, Architect; Lehman Radio Salon, Inc., New York City, William Hamby and George Nelson, Architects; I Miller & Sons, Inc., New York City, Robert Carson and Louis H. Friedland, Architects; Halle Bros., Cleveland, Ohio, Gilbert Rohde, Designer; W.T. Grant Co., Buffalo, NY., Alfred S. Alschuler, Architect, Raymond Loewy, Industrial Designer.
  • MODERN HOUSES - Three new houses; for the Maine coast , a New England village, and the Texas prairie. SUMMER HOUSE for Mrs. Clara Fargo Thomas, George Howe, Architect; House in Lincoln, Mass., Walter Gropius and Marcel Breuer, Associated Architects; House for H. Stanley Marcus, Dallas, Texas, DeWitt and Washburn, Architects.
  • THE ARCHITECT'S WORLD - The Case for the Skyscraper ... Housing and Architects ... Thought and Controversy in the Profession.
  • THE DIARY - Obsrvations from San Francisco, Washington, Princeton, New York ... Personalities, Trends, Sumises.
  • PRODUCTS & PRACTICE - Private utilities for rural homes - a brief review of new equipment for the modern home beyond the gas mains ... water supply ... lighting plants ... gas ... solar water heaters ... incinerators ... septic systems.
  • BUILDING MONEY - The Forum looks at the recent trend of building prices, offers a home building cost index directly pertinent to 80 U.S. cities ... Colonial architecture and concrete block join hands in Philadelphia, found a fast-selling low-priced subdivision ... Government X-rays the Nation's pocketbook, examines the part played by shelter in workers' loving costs ... An Illinois designer put his kitchen-dining room in the basement, boasts a construction cost below $4,000 ... Analysis of how much of what goes into the average house - an aid to cost estimation ... Charts and tables underlining the statistical trends within the Building Industry.
  • FORUM OF EVENTS - Midtown New York Evolution .... Early Midwest Modern ... Awards ... Competions ... News Miscellany.
  • BOOKS - Duncan Phyfe and the Regency ... A study of land in America ... Experimental housing in Rotterdam ... American museums.