ART D’AUJOURD’HUI Fevrier – Mars 1952. Le Graphisme et L’art special issue. Andre Bloc & Pierre Lacombe

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Serie 3, Numero 3 et 4; Fevrier - Mars 1952

Andre Bloc and Pierre Lacombe [Directeur]


Andre Bloc and Pierre Lacombe [Directeur]: ART D'AUJOURD'HUI. Paris: Aujourd'hui, 1952.  Original edition [Serie 3, Numero 3 et 4; Fevrier - Mars 1952]. Text in French. A very good magazine in a printed cellophane dust jacket including a slightly bumped edge, which translates to the interior pages; small chips missing from the cellophane wrapper and on the back cover, the cellophane's bottom fore edge is somewhat rough. Contents separating from the cover. Interior unmarked and clean. Out-of-print. Le couverture est une reproduction d'une des illustrations de Fernand Leger composer pour "La Fin du Monde" de Blaise Cendrars [Editions de la Sirene, 1929].

9.5 x 12 magazine with 64 pages; special issue devoted to "le graphisme et l'art" with b/w examples [some with spot color] and illustrated articles tracing the relationship between graphic art and typography and the avant-garde art movements of the twentieth century.

  • La lettre et le signe dans la peinture par Leon Degand
  • Quelques apercu sur Dada par Gabrielle Buffet: 4 pages with 11 black-and-white illustrations including work by Marcel Janco, Kurt Schwitters and G. Ribemont among others
  • L'effort typographique par Bernard Gheerbrant: 8 pages with approx. 30 illustrations, some with spot color including work by Pierre Faucheux, Paul Rand, Pierre Matisse, Massin, Tristan Tzara and Jean Miro and Willem Sandberg among others
  • Construction de la lettre par Pierre Faucheux: 6 pages with approx. 15 illustrations, some with spot color
  • Fantaisie typographique et calligrammes par Julien Alvard: 5 pages with 14 illustrations, some with spot color including work by Del Marle, Mallarme and Louise de Villemorin among others
  • L'art graphique au service de la publicite par R. V. Gindertael: 12 pages with 45 black-and-white illustrations including work by Robert Gage, Paul Colin, Hans Erni, Olivier Gilles, Morton Goldsholl, Werner Labbe, Max Huber Franco Grignani, Georges Lafayes, Paul Rand, Luigi Moretti, Erik Nitsche, Pierre Boucher, Armin Hoffmann, Albe Steiner, Savignac and Herbert Matter [full-page reproduction of Knoll ad] among others
  • Le graffito par Pierre Gueguen: 4 pages with 13 black-and-white illustrations including photos by Marton, Pierre Verger, Sarisson, A. Bloc and Walter
  • H. N. Werkman par Sandberg: 5 pages with 7 illustrations, 1 with spot color
  • Kupka par Leon Degand: 5 pages with 14 b/w illustrations
  • L'exposition itinerante Klar-Form
  • Les expositions a Paris et dans la mondes informations diverses

Andre Bloc founded Art d'Aujourd'hui in 1949. He began his career as an engineer and turned to architecture (after a fateful meeting with Le Corbusier in 1921) and finally, to sculpture. In 1951, he formed Espace, a group intent on bringing constructivism and neo-plasticism to urbanism and the social arena. This group included such artists and urbanists as Jean Dewasne, Etienne Bothy, Jean Gorin, Felix Del Marle, Edgard Pillet, Victor Vasarely and Nicolas Schoffer.